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We sell so much good good food, we can't fit it all on the page! But here is a sample!

About Nerdopolis Pizza

Nerdopolis is a franchise company and we currently have three locations around the country!

Plenty O' Pizza - Chicago, IL

Located in the windy city, we love making hearty thin crust "Chicago style" pizza. Stop by and see for yourself why we have been voted the most popular after bar pizza joint south of Quebec.

Pizza Paradise - New York, NY

Fuggit aboud id! We got the best pizza anywhere! You don't believe me? Who do you think you are? Huh? Some kind of tough guy? Buy pizza from Pizza Paradise or I crack your skull!

Pizza Trolley - San Fransisco, CA

Don't waste your time going to San Diego, Hollywood, or even L.A.!! Pizza Trolley in San Fransisco has the best pizza hands down!

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There are many ways to get in touch with us!

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(888) 555-1234

Stop in and pick up one of our famous "Hot n' Ready" pizzas

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